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Today, healthcare delivery is challenging. Changing requirements, eligibility qualifications, reimbursement tracking, and the need for certification create a complex operating environment. MariChris removes the complexity and provides reliable, sustainable solutions.

We offer the only integrated requirements traceability and CMS Certification solution on the market and provide comprehensive Eligibility Determination and IV&V Support. Our technology ensures that healthcare professionals and healthcare payer organizations can meet market demands now and in the future.

HIPAA Compliance

The use and safeguarding of consumer health information is serious business for medical practices, hospitals and insurance companies. Adhering to regulations set forth by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is dependent on technology and best practice policies that MariChris professional services can provide.

“Trace IT brings simplicity to the complex process of Certification and Traceability. No longer is a senior business analyst needed to input and follow each business object through the Design, Development and Implementation  phase”

-Stephen G., SME, Borland Tools

State of NC MMIS Replacement System

Ready and Responsive for Any Benefit Program

Exclusive to MariChris is UnivERS®, the only application of its kind that has been designed and developed so it can be configured for compatibility with any financial or medical assistance program, including Medicaid and other Public Health programs.  From documentation of all policies and program plan elements to management of all eligibility rules, UnivERS® has proven components that will accelerate your healthcare management capabilities.

The most cost effective, efficient and reliable route to CMS certification

The most cost effective, efficient and reliable route to CMS Certification Traceability  is with TraceIT™, a management tool developed to support all aspects of requirements tracing and status.  Prior installations of the TraceIT™ tool have resulted in the fastest ever CMS certification for replacing MMIS systems.