COTS Software meets COTS Hardware

Hardware and Sky

COTS products installation assumes that a vendor will be the one to develop the system or act as integrator of the COTs components. It assumes that the “vendor” is either the developer or the seller of a COTS product who can provide maintenance services.

While some of this may be true some of time, it may not be true most of the time. Let’s take the hardware and communication layer, the server layer and the storage layer. Each of these present a risk with each layer. Each layer may be a different vendor and most of the time, IT is! While most COTS modules/components require a specific operating system; different organizations have very different Enterprise Architectures. Some want the software, “behind the wall” like State Medicaid infrastructure; some want the software “hosted with an ISP”; and some want the COTS solution to run in the cloud as a “shared service”.

We needed to make that very decision……We wanted our Integrated Eligibility COTS solution to fit in with most of the enterprise architectures, both older as well as newly designed architectures being built in the Healthcare IT, today and in the future. We decided on the NetApp/Cisco’s FlexPod. NetApp was looking for “Purpose Built Solutions” to run on this innovative and risk mitigating total hardware COTS solution. As with all innovators and visionaries, not all is known when one sets out to solve a business problem with COTS software. Now we can run “behind the wall”, in a “hosted ISP” environment or in a “public or private cloud”.

In my humble opinion, the best way is for the COTS software development company to focus on software development and let the System Integrators, vendor, handle the installation and configuration within the specific organizational EA; Enterprise Architecture.

COTS software meets COTS Hardware……Integrated Eligibility Determination/Verification problem….SOLVED.

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