More than One Way to Skin a Cat!

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Skin A Cat

Having read Bo’s post this morning, on Fraud and the CNN video, about fraud in state unemployment benefits programs around the country; I had a flash back! A deal I was doing with Cisco around “how do we price our solution and what was going to be our compelling story/business case in the Telecommunications Industry”.

Medicaid fraud, arguably the biggest dollar amount involved in fraudulent payments to both the beneficiary and the provider of services on the federal and state dime in the country.

To get to the point, having struggled with dysfunctional procurement processes and politically motivated buy decisions, how about we give away our million dollar Eligibility Determination/Verification system? Why not, I keep asking myself? What if I could get compensated by the amount of savings from the front end portion of the fraud prevention process?

Let’s say State A or City B or Insurance company C knows they are losing 1 billion dollars per year (very conservative I must say!) in healthcare and benefit services fraud. What if I give the state, city or insurance the million dollar software for free, hire all support and maintenance staff and build a building in each state to house all of the personnel. I keep 500 million and the State keeps (or not spends) the other 500 million. That would be a 50-50 financial partnership that would add employees to the state tax rolls, eliminate 500 million in excess spending, to use on other items/services, free innovative software and throw the bums off the tax payer’s back.

A simple solution to a complex problem and everyone wins. The State, The Taxpayer and our company’s employees/bottom line. Nah….government solutions are like watching trees grow and most of us would to old and need the benefits anyway by the time the trees mature.

I know there are more ways to skin a cat than the above, but when will our government buyers of technology wake up! I am not sure but I am sure that we can stop this mess! Oh well, I have to catch a plane to a northeastern state for a product demonstration. Rinse and Repeat!

Next week we will post “Medicaid, the Lowest Common Denominator”. Too Funny and sad but true!

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