About Us

Focused on the Business of Healthcare Information Technology

MariChris is a company with incredible focus on bringing the most innovative healthcare technology solutions to market for its clients.  Our teams are innovative, insightful and passionate about solving technology challenges for hospitals, medical practices, state and federal health services organizations and insurance companies.

Based in St. Augustine, Florida, our healthcare IT professionals work with organizations to build custom solutions, implement eligibility systems, manage CMS certification and solve complex healthcare IT problems.  We understand the intricacies that surround the delivery and integration of commercial off-the-shelf software(COTS) in healthcare IT environments as well as the disciplined management for custom designing and deploying custom exchange, eligibility and healthcare management solutions.  We are in three core lines of business:

Custom Application Development and IT Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare IT Technology and Professional Management Staffing

Project Management Tools and Eligibility Software

MariChris is also one of the country’s leading innovators of COTS solutions with innovative products for managing the product development lifecycle, managing rules based systems, and eligibility determination. These products include:


Universal Eligibility Response System


SDLC Project Management tool to track CMS Certification through DDI and UAT


Applicant Medical, Financial and Data Collection Portal

UnivERS Mobile

UnivERS Core system – MS Surface

mMAGI Calculator

Modified Adjusted Gross Income module


Audio Visual Assistor Application Kiosk

At MariChris, we have many success stories with our clients and would like to have the opportunity to share those with you. Our clients have used our technology and services to transform their practices, to stay up-to-date with a changing healthcare industry and to successfully meet the needs of their patients.

The team at MariChris are passionate about making healthcare delivery easier and raising the quality of care that our clients provide through the use of proven, reliable Healthcare automation technology.

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