Introducing AIM®: The Alliance for Innovation in Medicaid

Over one-third of the United States population suffers from low literacy rates or limited English speaking proficiency or both.  One of the goals of the Affordable Care Act was to extend coverage to many of these challenged individuals, but federal funding to the states for eligibility determination systems can be jeopardized if they do not achieve what has been classified as “effective communication with beneficiaries”.

Answering a market need for addressing Public Health, low literacy and low English proficiency, the Alliance for Innovation in Medicaid or “AIM®” was formed.  AIM® is a consortium of three of the most forward thinking companies in the healthcare technology sector with a goal to meet the need of those who could not otherwise have access to health coverage as a result of an inability to read or comprehend health care offerings.

Simple multi-language self-service tools

Versatile tools supporting any eligibility rules

Web-based service oriented architectures

Support integration with health insurance exchanges

Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) alignment

AIM® Member Specializing in Health Informatics

Introducing Scientific Technologies Corporation

Scientific Technologies Corporation is the leading public health informatics company bridging the gap between the clinical community, public health services, payers, and the individual.  STC’s interoperability and Meaningful Use Stage 2 and 3 expertise helps care communities focus on population outcomes and returns on HIT investments.  STC provides Innovative Immunization-Intelligence™ (I2) through bi-directional immunization exchanges with decision support at the point of care (providers, ED, pharmacies, on-site clinics…) and directly to individuals.

MariChris, LLC provides products, services and consulting services to support the critical processes within the complex healthcare arena.  MariChris offers tools, custom development services, system integration and on-site and off-site technology resources for Medicaid/MMIS, Eligibility Determination, CMS Traceability, and healthcare exchange design, deployment or integration.  Extensive experience and expertise ensures a complete, custom solution that is reliable, efficient and scalable.

AIM® Member Brings Tools and Custom Solutions to Healthcare

Introducing MarhiChris, LLC

AIM® Member Brings Healthcare to An Underserved Population

Introducing Polyglot Systems

Polyglot Systems, Inc.’s award-winning Meducation® technology improves patient health by eliminating communications barriers at every stage of the healthcare encounter.  Meducation is a cloud-based solution for healthcare providers that delivers patient-specific medical instructions that are engaging and easy to understand for everyone – even the 90 million Americans that have limited literacy skills, limited English proficiency or diminished cognitive functions.   This is proven technology that increases medication adherence and patient health.   Meducation is essential to deliver care that is more effective, efficient and patient-centered.