Face The Future of Healthcare Technology with Experience and Confidence

Healthcare is a complex, ever-changing industry surrounded by mounds of regulatory requirements.  Adding to the complexity is that consumers are shaping the entire interaction with providers, payers and even suppliers. Medical practices, hospitals and state and federal social service organizations all face significant challenges not only resulting from the recent Affordable Care Act but also for compliance and the growing direct consumer interaction taking place online.

In the healthcare industry, experience matters when deploying healthcare solutions around the globe.

Efficient deployment of custom designed solutions
Extensive technology staffing resources
Business intelligence solutions and reporting
Health information systems design and implementation
Mobile technology and digital marketing solutions
Infrastructure, HIPPA and security consulting
ICD-10 quality assurance and testing
Eligibility Determination & Enrollment Solution

Technology Staffing Solutions To Keep Your Projects Moving Forward

We are not just another staffing solution with typical staff augmentation resources.  First and foremost, we only focus on healthcare and more specifically we understand healthcare systems, Medicare/Medicaid, eligibility and certification.  Our approach to staffing takes into consideration the many challenges that are faced by medial providers, hospitals, payers and state and federal social service organizations; MariChris team members are uniquely qualified as a result.

We have a vast network of talent  to meet any healthcare resource challenge with a team of dedicated recruiters, a robust database and relationships with consultants across America.

Access to skilled practice experts for system design

Experienced healthcare project management experts

Expertise in various technology platforms and enterprise software

Change management process resources

Medicaid, Medicare, S-CHIP & SNAP resources

Critical, just-in-time staffing and recruiting services

Application Development Services And Digital Design

Healthcare software requires extensive functional design and also must meet complex and significant regulatory requirements.  At MariChris, we have a team of subject matter experts whose knowledge and experience extends well beyond the solution itself.

We have a deep and profound understanding of the healthcare business and delivery process.

We understand the digital arena and will help you find new ways to interact and reach end-users.

Proven tools and solutions to accelerate custom application design and development.

We build information systems for achieving compliance, managing policies and to efficiently collect, access and manage customer data.

We build custom Medicare/Medicaid solutions, eligibility systems, exchanges, and provide comprehensive integration services.

We possess the technology management expertise to ensure faster deployment and a higher return on your investment.

Our healthcare IT solutions allow you to focus on managing the business of healthcare. We help you transform into a high performing healthcare organization and ensure the technical design and implementation without sacrificing time-to-market and valuable resources.

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