Increase Return on Investment with Innovative Eligibility Determination and Enrollment Solutions

State and Federal human service organizations need a partner that possesses the technology and expertise to remove administrative burdens and to ensure effective implementation of eligibility determination and enrollment technology solutions.  MariChris understands enrollment and eligibility policies and systems for general health, Medicaid and S-CHIP and provides innovative solutions that provide a predictable ROI.

Strategic planning and implementation of eligibility and health insurance systems

Medicaid and Medicare information technology planning and implementation

Health Insurance Exchange design, implementation and support

Integration with existing government systems and medicare/medicaid services

Eligibility and enrollment processes improvements and technology solutions

Technical resources to increase capacity and to accelerate development

Meeting Increasing Technology and Consumer Demand

Transforming human services for state and federal agencies means meeting increasing consumer demand with built-in flexibility to respond to evolving markets and regulatory requirements. We provide the eligibility and enrollment tools, technology, and technical resources to expedite transformation and implementation. Our goal is to enhance every consumer interaction.

Improve service while reducing time to delivery and overall costs

Respond to regulatory changes with tools and technology that speed development processes

Extend ACA healthcare investments with reliable eligibility and health insurance management systems

Access to technology resources to meet and monitor compliance for Medicaid and other health programs

Provider and payer expertise provides unique insight for government run human service agencies

Ready and Responsive for Any Benefit Program

Exclusive to MariChris is UnivERS®, the only application of its kind that has been designed and developed so it can be configured for compatibility with any financial or medical assistance program, including Medicaid and other public health programs.  From documentation of all policies and program plan elements to management of all eligibility rules, UnivERS® has proven components that will accelerate your program and rules management capabilities.