Decrease IT resource demands to meet healthcare regulatory changes and improve eligibility and provider workflow

Keeping pace with Healthcare Act Changes while at the same time efficiently keeping up with new insurance products, managed care and varying reimbursement models, is putting pressure on IT departments at Hospitals of all sizes.  MariChris can lighten the workload for your IT organization and increase your efficiency to implement change and manage your technology assets.

One of the opportunities for hospitals is to increase consumer access to health care options and to eligibility self-assessment for public health programs and Medicaid. While we can augment technology staff and speed technical implementation efforts for hospitals, we bring greater value with the tools and technology assets for eligibility systems, insurance exchange integration, and traceability automation.

Solve the unique set of technical and regulatory issues that face hospitals

Provide predictable outcomes for claims management and eligibility

Possess technical resources and consulting experience to speed technology delivery

Tools to automate traceability and ensure faster CMS certification

Accelerate intake and reimbursement processes to improve revenue cycles

Meet the demands of payers and patients with digital technology

Technical Resources and Consulting Expertise

Remove the pressure on your IT staff by augmenting your technical capabilities with MariChris professional consulting.  Our talent is skilled in healthcare implementation initiatives as well as process automation and digital outreach systems.

Extend technical capabilities and shorten delivery timelines

Full access to MariChris technology, tools and services

Provides ICD-10 quality assurance and testing

Digital and mobile technology applications and systems

Increase focus on patient care and remove regulatory compliance and reimbursement pressure

MariChris empowers hospitals with experienced, knowledgeable resources and technology to allow them to effectively and efficiently navigate health insurance management.  As the demand for hospitals to participate in managed care programs increases, so does the need for automated systems and technology.  That means experience matters.

MariChris brings a level of experience that is unmatched in the industry, streamlines the paperwork and planning phases, and allows you and your teams to focus on implementation. That means operational and patient value is realized faster with direct benefits to the hospital’s bottom line.