Streamline Administrative Processes. Ensure Accurate Reimbursements.
Faster Claims Management.

Insurance providers are caught between the needs of consumers, healthcare providers and government agencies.  All must be managed in the most efficient and effective manner possible with the flexibility to meet changing industry demands. MariChris has the experience to allow insurance providers to be responsive to market demands and to increase claims efficiency while growing market share and meeting regulatory requirements.

MariChris has invested in human capital as well as technology to bring to market some of the most innovative processes and scalable solutions for enhancing operational value for enrollment and claim management.  We help insurance providers:

Plan and implement systems for efficient claims processing

Automate traceability controls, tracking and reporting

Ensure regulatory change management and compliance

Extend technology resources for increased efficiency

Minimize Risk, Contain Costs & Increase Claims Efficiency

There are many benefits that are a result of working with MariChris teams, as all our services and technology solutions are designed to lower risk and enhance operational value and profitability.

Manage a growing customer base without increasing
IT headcount

Increase operational efficiency with our portfolio of tools and technology for insurance management and Medicaid compliance

Meet customer demands for faster quoting, policy management and faster claims servicing

Improve controls to meet audit and regulatory compliance

Provider and payer expertise provides unique insight for government run human service agencies

Subject Matter Expertise For Insurance Providers

The amount of change that insurance providers are facing is unprecedented in what is becoming a highly complex operational environment.  Navigating change, balanced with the ability to efficiently respond to markets and mitigate risk, takes experience and particular knowledge of the ACA, insurance management technology and the regulatory environment.  MariChris employs a team with extensive background in all aspects of healthcare management services and technology.

Subject matter experts in claims processing, eligibility management, Medicaid and Medicare information systems

Provide documentation expertise and unique perspective and experience with rules based compliance solutions

Are at the forefront of insurance management solutions and pioneers in insurance management systems

Understand and meeting the challenges of diverse plans and plan qualifying variables and business rules

MariChris brings effective product offerings and payer insight and experience that will immediately impact productivity.