Increase your focus on patients and remove worries about regulatory compliance and reimbursements

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, change has put pressure on medical practices to ensure compliance and that reimbursements are fully realized.  MariChris empowers medical practices with experienced, knowledgeable resources and technology to allow them to effectively and efficiently navigate health insurance management. Medical practices are faced with learning to manage numerous operational processes, many of which are not necessarily natural business skills of medical practitioners.

As a practice grows, so do the demands on meeting administrative burdens and operational systems, especially in regard to patient records, electronic health records, and insurance claims management.  It is a considerable part of the business, but our goal is to remove these burdens so you can focus on quality patient care.  At MariChris, we customize our services around the unique challenges faced by your medical practice.

Registration, eligibility and reimbursement accuracy

Increase reimbursement transparency to patients

Practice management systems with proven technology

Remove dependencies on technical and operational issues

Physician Practice Compliance and Systems Implementation

The last thing a physician wants is to hamper his or her practice with meeting HIPAA requirements, insurance eligibility and ensuring systems are efficient and up to date with all current insurance codes.  MariChris brings a team with diverse experience and talent specialized in cost-effective solutions for medical practices in this new era of healthcare.  Our team is uniquely qualified to quickly assess opportunities for increasing productivity for patient management, claims processing and technology productivity.

Manage a growing patient base without increasing IT demands

Increase efficiency using our portfolio of tools and technology solutions for insurance management and Medicaid compliance

Meet customer demands for faster quoting, policy management and faster claims servicing

Improved controls to meet audit and regulatory compliance