We bring the resources and expertise System Integrators need to successfully deliver Healthcare IT solutions

System integrators meeting today’s demands in health insurance administration and management must have partners that possess extensive technical and regulatory expertise. MariChris works directly with system integrators to bring a broad set of skills and technology assets for CMS Certification Traceability, MMIS, S-CHIP, and Public Health systems.  Systems integrators have tremendous responsibility to manage existing data and technology with evolving government requirements in new technology implementations.

Applied industry knowledge and unparalleled experience with highly complex system implementations

Integrated traceability technology and CMS certification tools that will enhance current
client relationships

Traceability and tracking technology decreases implementation time as much as 25%, streamlining design and development

Tools and technology assets easily integrate with most any healthcare system

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) partner with proven system controls

A deep bench of readily available technical and management resources

Improve Success Rates with Innovative Eligibility Determination Solutions

MariChris brings a technology platform for Eligibility Determination with completely customizable components that will improve eligibility accuracy and speed implementation. That means value is realized faster and that we can increase ROI for state and federal entities, hospitals and health insurance companies.

Our teams are subject matter experts in healthcare technology, ACA policies and processes, MMIS and CMS Certification Traceability, providing both strategic insight and hands-on development services.  We can provide full life-cycle implementations as well as specific resources for project management, QA and testing and engineering, all with a focus on streamlining and expediting health insurance delivery systems.

“Our team brings to market technology product offerings as well as some of the most well respected Medicaid, S-CHIP, TANF, SNAP, WIC, etc. personnel in the country.”

Thomas Derrick
President, MariChris LLC

Technical Resources and Consulting Expertise

Remove the pressure on your IT staff by augmenting your technical capabilities with MariChris professional consulting.  Our talent is skilled in healthcare implementation initiatives as well as process automation and digital outreach systems.

Extend technical capabilities and shorten delivery timelines

Full access to MariChris technology, tools and services

Provides ICD-10 quality assurance and testing

Digital and mobile technology applications and systems