Trace IT™: An integrated support tool that shortens development lifecycles

TraceIT™ automates the process of capturing, tracking and monitoring application and system requirements for design, development and testing.  TraceIT™ provides visibility to all participating parties at every stage in a project with fully customizable capabilities to meet the specific needs of any organization.  The tool can be deployed fast and results in increased efficiency, accurate traceability of CMS certification checklists and robust reporting.

Decrease project costs, design, development and UAT by up to 30%

Easy to use and fully customizable components

Integrated requirements and CMS traceability and MITA alignment

Provides ACA and HITECH readiness

Extensive Capabilities to Ensure Project and CMS Success

Providing full lifecycle support, requirements tracking and traceability compliance, TraceIT™ decreases project cost, eliminates costly overruns and improves output and validation processes.  TraceIT™ provides:

Requirements Tracking

Add or edit all project requirements with complete search capability.

Test Tracking

Input all test cases, scripts and results at the unit test, systems test and UAT levels.

Defect Tracking

A comprehensive audit trail to Log and track all defects and link to specific design objects or requirements.

Project Status & Reporting

Provides comprehensive reporting at all levels from requirements and design to testing and scope integrity.

Design Tracking

Create distinct design objects linked to design and data elements.

Operational Readiness Tracking

Link requirements to a detailed schedule by job type, frequency or design objects.

Change Logs & Scope Impact

Integrated system change logs with project changes for easy identification of scope and cost impacts.

CMS Checklists & Validation

Create CMS checklists with direct links to system requirements to identify gaps and accelerate the matching process.

Proven Solution for Government, Hospital and Medical Practice Medicaid Systems

TraceIT™ is the premier management tool for Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) and Eligibility Determination that supports requirements tracing, impact analysis, and project status.

The built-in requirements traceability and CMS Traceability Certification functions allow State Medicaid Enterprises, independent verification and validation vendors (IV&V) and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to monitor the complete design, development and implementation (DDI) process.  Two states received the fastest CMS Certification for a replacement MMIS system using a prior version/release of TraceIT™.

Comprehensive Reporting Keeps Teams and Projects On Track

TraceIT™ provides comprehensive reporting that allows for tracking of project requirements details as well as provides management level status reports.  These reports are fully customizable and can be run at any point-in-time for:

Requirements and component validation
Operational, testing and audit trails
Open issue and project status reporting by phase
Immediate accessibility by all parties

All reports are maintained in the TraceIT™ system with the ability to assign reporting attributes, providing complete flexibility.  This allows accurate tracking and monitoring of all project components and phases with the ability to flag high priority issues to ensure projects and certification stay on track.

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