UnivERS®: Ready and Responsive for Any Benefit Program

Exclusive to MariChris is UnivERS®, the only application of its kind that has been designed and developed so it can be configured for compatibility with any financial or medical assistance programs, including Medicaid and other specialized Public Health programs.  From documentation of all policies and program plan elements to management of all eligibility rules, UnivERS® has proven components that will accelerate your Eligibility Determination capabilities.

Document all policies and procedures affecting member/patient eligibility

Define plan rules based on the breakdown (carve-out) of eligibility programs

Identify the target population and providers of each program or plan

Prototype and test eligibility rules for each program, and plan and document variances

Monitor member/applicant  populations to ensure policy compliance and fulfillment

Monitor provider and member/applicant feedback to ensure program integrity

Accelerate delivery of healthcare technology and improve the quality of patient care.

UnivERS® can be used by payers and providers alike and offers significant benefits to a healthcare information technology (HIT) enterprise.  We bring over 10 years of design and development eligibility and enrollment solutions experience.

Allow for greater flexibility for program and policy changes

Reduce redundant data entry across benefit programs

Decrease processing time for changes and redeterminations

Integrated Rules Engine designed for Medicaid management

Reduce IT dependency - Increase case worker productivity

UnivERS@Home Extends Your Reach For Eligibility Determination

UnivERS@Home works with your current Medicaid Eligibility Determination System and can act as a stand-alone component of a healthcare eligibility determination solution, or can be a replacement for outdated FAMAS systems. Essentially UnivERS@Home puts eligibility in the hands of the user and provides access to qualifying coverage based on the individual and program elements.

Captures demographic, characteristic, medical, financial, and insurance information in a single entity for eligibility determination.

A built in feedback loop instantly transmits eligibility status and integrates with existing systems and any number of programs.

UnivERS® core component allows for a “duplicate check” of applicants and can link to Health Information Exchange (HIE).

The status feedback loop accurately informs the applicant of plan options available based on rules set forth by the department or agency.

RulesXpress – Easy To Use, Powerful Rules Based Automation

RulesXpress is a powerful, easy to use tool that allows administrators to build complex rule-sets that define any program, or benefit plan without requiring technical intervention. As plans change or as updates take place with new supplemental rules, you can respond quickly and efficiently without any affect on ongoing operations, eligibility submission and application processes. Set up can be complete in as little as fifteen minutes and administrators will have access to a simple, intuitive interface that allows them to easily add, modify or amend any rule in the system.

Stand alone or integrated rules system
Directs and controls all eligibility activities
Data dictionary driven rules engine
Modify, edit, add or amend rules in real-time
Easy to use management interfaces
Prototype rules and to set end-dates
Supports Medicaid and Public Health programs
Robust, flexible and fully customizable

Fully Customizable System Interfaces That Works Like you Do.

UnivERS® and UnivERS@Home has been designed based on how administrators and case workers carry out eligibility and program management tasks.  While system interaction and core data collection elements encompass the majority of the core requirements for managing a financial or medical assistance programs, we recognize that your organization may have particular needs so we built in the flexibility to customize UniVERS® and UnivERS@Home to work like you do.

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